Flevo Bike Archaeology
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 Early in May, 2000, I read an advertisement on the dutch recumbent site Ligfiets Plaza. For sale: Flevo Bike. Used intensively earlier on, but not anymore in recent years. The bike was said to be of an early type, perhaps even a prototype, according to the seller. For a recumbent, the bike was relatively affordable. When I saw the bike, the deal was closed very quickly. The bike turned out to be very special indeed!

bike1bike2bike3bike4bike5borrowed from the Flevobike website

Some pictures of the Vintage Flevo, with a modern Bike to the extreme right, for comparison (click to enlarge).

Click on this link for a detailed description of the Bike.

Naturally, I was rather curious about the origin of this vintage recumbent. Could it really be a prototype? Click on this link to read about my research...

I invite everyone who has information on early Flevo Bikes to react. Pictures or blue prints of original Flevo's dating back to the eighties are more than welcome (I will scan them and return them to you).

Please send your reactions to:

Frank Buwalda

Last update: September 26, 2000

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