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Low Racer with Flevo steering principle

Year:October 1994
Place:Oosterblokker (NL)
Maker:Meindert Valenteijn
Source:Photo by Erik Wannee

Low Racer with small wheels

Another low Flevo-racer, but this one has a 406 front wheel.
The head tube angle in this bike has been tilted in such a way that it has a positive trail. This steering head angle has a disadvantage that the bike cannot make sharp corners, but it is much safer at high speeds.

Place:Zuidlaren (NL)
Maker:Bert Messchendorp
Source:Photo by Erik Wannee (during Cycle Vision 2001)

flevo-lowracer of Thomas van Schaik

A low Flevo-racer with two 406 wheels, high handlebars and an even more recumbent riding position. Maybe in the future, a cantilever steer will be placed. The head tube angle is 45°; the trail 6 cm.
The maker writes that it tends to steer somewhat nervously at low speeds, but at cruising speeds (around 35 km/h) it rides really good.

Place:Haarlem (NL)
Maker:Thomas van Schaik
Source:photograph by Thomas van Schaik

Laura: flevo-lowracer of Oliver Schauer

A lowracer that resembles the above bike, but with under seat steer and rear suspension.
The name 'Laura' is inspired by the sound resemblance with 'lowracer'.
A test ride showed that the steering angle and trail were too big. "You can corner it just as good as an aircraft carrier." (quote Oliver Schauer)

Place:Osnabrück (D)
Maker:Oliver Schauer
Source:site of Oliver Schauer (not available anymore)

The new lowracer of Oliver Schauer

Oliver Schauer has learned much from his first Flevo-lowracer Laura, and this is his new racer.
Isn't it a beauty?

Place:Osnabrück (D) / IJmuiden (NL)
Maker:Oliver Schauer
Source:photo by Oliver Schauer

the Knakker: Jan Brands' flevo-lowracer

A Lowracer that is inspired by the FlevoRacer. As compared to the other lowracers, the steering head is placed relatively high (and upside down). Later, the front tube has been bent more downward. This has improved the riding stability quite much.
The riding behavior is excellent, and the owner remarks especially the enormous front wheel pressure. Slipping while riding away is impossible. A disadvantage is the fact that it is completely unsprung, so that sometimes it shakes your bones unpleasantly.

Year:1991 ?
Place:Nijmegen (NL)
Maker:John Poot and Allert Jacobs
Source:site of Jan Brands

Python: Jürgen Mages' pivot steered lowracer

The Python is Jürgen Mages' pivot steered lowracer. After cycling on the Airbike since 1996 he wanted to have something faster and lower.
For the bike on this photo he needed not more than 10 € for the material because it's mainly built from recycled bicycle parts.

Place:Erlangen (D)
Maker:Jürgen Mages
Source:site of Jürgen Mages

Moontraveler: the carbon-version of the Python

The Moontraveler is the first carbon-version of the Python. Stefan Knorr is going to build another bike when all possible problems are solved.

Place:Berlin (D)
Maker:Stefan Knorr
Source:site of Stefan Knorr