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The designers of the bike, trike and racer, Flevobike Technology, and the new dealer, Ligfietsshop Tempelman, have been so kind to make the building plans of these three bikes public. That makes it possible to put them on the internet.

Unfortunately, at this moment, only the plans of the racer are available; Recent versions of the other ones still have to be made. It remains unknown when they will appear.

To load some of the plans, you may need Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher. You can download them (free) by clicking on the following icon:

The plans on this site may be used freely, and may be distributed or multiplied unchanged and with acknowledgements to the authors.
It is not allowed to sell the plans in digital, imprinted or other form!

If you want to build one of these bikes, but some parts are too complicated for you to make them (f.i. seat, steering parts, etc.):
The dealer Ligfietsshop Tempelman gives you the opportunity to order them separately! You can buy them in their shop, but you can also order them by E-mail, and they will be sent by post.

Ligfietsshop Tempelman
De Gouwe 26C
8253 PA Dronten
The Netherlands

The FlevoBike

Unfortunately, no plans of the recent version of this this bike are available at this moment.

There is a description (in dutch) with accessory drawings of the vintage Flevobike from 1988. Since, this model has almost been completely changed (a.o.t. because of technical imperfections), so that these drawings are more of historical value than that it's the intention to use them to build your own bike.
The drawings and accompanying description are available on 8 drawings.
Click here to download in as Acrobat File of 473 k: oer-flevo.pdf

An even later version of the drawings of the bike and trike is available (thanks to Marc Maston).
Click here to download it in an Adobe Acrobat File of 1591 k. (also only in dutch): bike-trike.pdf

The FlevoTrike

Unfortunately, no recent plans of this trike are available at this moment, as well.

The FlevoRacer

The building plans are available on 20 drawings. They are accompanied by a parts list.
All sizes are in millimeters.

There are 2 different versions: With elastomer rear suspension and with hydraulic spiral suspension. (ZIP-files, 860 k and 773 k respectively).