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If you are interested in Flevos (or other hpv's with center pivot steering), and if you like to discuss about it with other people, please subscribe to the Flevofan discussion group.
The discussion group is international, and the language is english.
Via this group, you will stay informed about Flevobike news, and you can help each other with new Flevo ideas and Flevo questions.

How does the discussion group work?

You subscribe by entering your E-mail address in the line below. Then you click on the little bike on the right of it.
In a few minutes, you will receive a mail with instructions how to become a member of the group. From the moment that you are subscribed, you will receive all messages that are sent to Flevofan@yahoogroups.com. Every mail that is sent to that address will be forwarded to all members, and everyone is free to react to it. The content of the mails must always have something to do with Flevobikes.

Membership is free, and if you might want to unsubscribe, the instructions are on the bottom of every mail.

I subscribe to the Flevofan discussion group:

Go to https://groups.io/g/flevofan and select "Join this group".
On this page you can also browse through messages without subscribing.

(If you have questions about this discussion group, or if you have problems with (un)subscribing: Ask the discussion group moderator.)