Design of a chainbox for the Flevo-racer bicycle

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Flevo-racer design with chain box
A group of people has worked on the design of a Flevo-racer with a chain box.
In order to have a smooth ride, the chain should be protected against dirt from the street, against rain (to prevent washing out chain-lubrication). But there is more than a smooth ride, and that is that less human and mechanical energy is needed when the chain is clean and well oiled. So the idea was born to have a chainbox. A lot of thinking, making sketches etc did not lead to a result. For that reason a group of Mechanical Engineering students from the higher technical school in Zeeland (The Netherlands) was asked to assist in the design of the chain box for the racer.
Erik Wannee has also given us very valuable input on several parts of the bike.

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This site shows the actual status (jan 2005) of the project, being:

Because the chainbox would weigh 1500 gramms, we decided not to build the bike, but we now seek further refinement such as to integrate the chainbox as a part of the frame in order to save weight. Download zip files

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