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Flevo tandem

On this tandem, both riders drive their own wheel, and so they can choose their own gears.
More information and pictures can be found on the builders' own site.

Где:Olbersdorf (D)
Кто:Uwe Anderseck
Источник:photograph by Uwe Anderseck

Flevo tandem of Hanno Hirsch

This tandem can be compared to the one of Uwe Anderseck, but on this one, the rear seat is also suitable for adults.

Где:Karlsruhe (D)
Кто:Hanno Hirsch
Источник:own collection of Hanno Hirsch (he is sitting on the rear seat)


Uwe Schnell has connected his favourite bike (Flevoracer) and his wife's favourite bike to that nice Flevoracer-tandem: The FlevoLike.

Где:Duisburg (D)
Кто:Uwe Schnell
Источник:photograph by Uwe Schnell

Flevo back-to-back tandem of Thomas van Schaik

Thomas van Schaik had built this back-to-back tandem based on the frame of the FlevoRacer. Because the steering behaviour was disappointing, the tandem has been dismantled for the most part.
Later, we could determine that on Flevo-tandems, the steering head must be more tilted forward than on solo Flevo's. The builders of the above tandems had done so.
Maybe this racer will be reassembled with regards to the new insights. Interested? Feel free to contact the maker!

Где:Haarlem (NL)
Кто:Thomas van Schaik
Источник:own photo of the maker

Flevo three person's tandem of Josef Kürten

Josef Kürten has built this special Flevo-tridem. He himself drives the front wheel; both his kids power the left rear wheel. All of them don't have to pedal because they have a freewheel. Moreover, the tridem has a fourfold suspension (1x in front, 1x like the normal Flevotrike has behind and the rear wheels each).
The rear seats can be shifted over a tube in a wide range, so that they can be adapted to the growing of the children and even adults can ride on it.
The bike is braked by a hydraulic brake in front and a braking system behind that is operated by only one brake lever.

Где:Düsseldorf (D)
Кто:Josef Kürten
Источник:site of Olaf Schultz

Flevo-like BTB-1-

Just like Uwe Schnell, Steffen Kanon wanted to combine the advantages of the Flevobike with the joy of riding a tandem. The BTB concept together with a pivot steering could only be seen in Thomas van Schaik's failed trial, therefore Steffen decided to give it a next try.
The better aerodynamics, the direct drive train and the same ergonomics for both riders are a plus of the BTB concept.
Based on his good experiences when building his solo bike he built the tandem of stainless steel round tube, too.
The construction with its single bent frame tube is remarkable: The frame is supported by a steel cable between the riders. The bike weights 28kg and can be converted quickly into a solo Flevo Racer of 18kg without using any tools. Even though the bike looks professionally made it could be built by any experienced maker with TIG welding equipment.
There's much more information and a detailed set of drawings available from the maker directly.
Please hover the mouse over the picture to see the solo bike.

Где:Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten / Germany
Кто:Steffen Kanon
Источник:Own photo of the maker