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Completely faired FlevoBike, made by Pieter Schippers

A complete faired FlevoBike. This gives problems, because the frame hinges in the center, so that the fairing has to be divided into two separate parts.
The front part will be heavier than normal, making it even slower to steer.
The bike will be sensitive to sidewinds, too, because the big part that is connected to the steering part of the bike.

Где:HPV EC Leicester (GB)
Кто:Pieter Schippers (NL)
Источник:Hanno Hirsch (HPV-CD-ROM 1997)

The Ecocar 2000: a partial fairing and rain protection

The Ecocar 2000. The steering mechanism is difficult to be seen. It is situated at about the same place as on a standard FlevoBike, but there is a second hinge, behind the head of the rider. In some sense, the rider sits inside the hinge.
When it's raining, you can roll out two plastic side shields some 10 cm. You'll catch some rain from the sides, but it is less sidewind sensitive than the former solution.

Где:Zuilinchem (NL)
Кто:Wim van Wijnen
Источник:HPV-CD-ROM 1997

simple fairing for the Flevotrike

This fairing was built by a student who worked for Flevobike. The fairing was everywhere curved in only one direction, so that it could be made very simply and cheap from a sheet of material.

Где:Dronten (NL)
Источник:photo collection of Johan Vrielink

more complicated fairing

This fairing was built by a doctor (who's name Johan unfortunately forgot).
It was hand made of glassfibre and polyester, and had a special transparent head part.

Где:? (NL)
Источник:photo collection of Johan Vrielink


A test with a Leitra fairing.
Johan could ride with it, but with some wind from left or right, riding was very difficult....

Где:Dronten (NL)
Кто:Johan Vrielink
Источник:photo collection of Johan Vrielink