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FlevoTrike with skates in place of rear wheels

FlevoTrike that is adapted to riding on ice. The improvised attachment of the skates made them flip too easily.
But there have been skating Flevo's which could ride over the ice very well.
The front tyre is equipped with nails.

Когда:Feb. 1995
Где:Aussenmühle, Hamburg-Harburg (D)
Кто:Christian Meyer
Источник:HPV-CD-ROM 1997 (picture by Olaf Schultz)

A Flevotrike with lawnmower rear part instead of rear wheels

This Flevotrike can be used as lawnmower.
It is rumoured that this trike has special permissions to ride off road in parks....

Где:Jeebel, Germany
Кто:Axel Ewen
Источник:HPV-CD-ROM 2001

A Flevotrike to be used as camper

Ariella Bijl designed this special Flevo-camper as end-of-study masterpiece. A flexible tube attached to the frame works as a tent pole, suspending the whole tent.
The whole tent could be stored in the luggage box of the trike.
With two of these trikes, she and her partner Bart traveled in 2 months time in 2000 from Los Angeles to New York: 5117,2 km.

Где:Almere (NL)
Кто:Ariella Bijl
Источник:Own photo of Ariella Bijl