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Особая подвеска

Flevobike with pneumatic rear suspension

This Flevo-variant of Andreas Leutz has a different rear suspension: A pneumatic gas cylinder. You can see it diagonally under the rear fork. The gas cylinder is connected to a pressure reservoir behind the seat.
On the picture, the bike is at it utmost recumbent position, but with one push on a button it can be tilted more upright.

Где:Ebersbach (D)
Кто:Andreas Leutz
Источник:Site of Olaf Schultz

Flevo-like bike with change between upright and recumbent position-1-

This unnamed bike with Flevo-like steering can be moved up and down while riding. This way, the rider can change between a pretty upright and a recumbent posture.
The rear wheel contains a modificated 7 gear hub, with some 3 speed hub parts in it. Under the frame is a steel cable which is wound around a drum. This drum has replaced the chain gear-wheel of the rear hub.
A handle can switch the rear hub in such a way that the steel cable can be wound or unwound. This mechanism is powered by the riding rear wheel.
Detail: A special mechanism keeps the luggage carrier always horizontal. The headlight has not (yet) such a mechanism...
If you hold the mouse on the photo, you can see the bike in high position (only with Javascript activated).

Где:Cycle Vision 2002
Кто:Uwe Carstens (D)
Источник:Photographs by Erik Wannee