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Flevobike with cardan-traction

An experimental Flevobike with cardan-drive. The cardan system was borrowed from a (German) Fendt bike. It is completely closed and has 5 gears.
Reasons to stop these experiments were that the system was pretty weak, and easily pedaled into pieces. For a cardan system that would be as strong as a traditional chain-system, a much more expensive and heavier variant should have to be built.
(Note the single armed rear suspension.)

Когда:aug. 1991
Где:Dronten (NL), the then workshop of Flevobike
Кто:Johan Vrielink, Flevobike
Источник:photograph by Erik Wannee

A Flevo-like bike with bracket IN the hub

A prototype of the german Thomas Kretschmer. He has built a Flevo-like bike, in which the bracket is placed INSIDE the hub.
He designed a very special gear hub for this bike: the "Direct drive".